The sight of a dancing flame

Posted on May 30th, 2013

The flame dances around the candle. A slight change in the stillness causes a fanatical array of movement, the flame fighting to remain alight and alive. A pool of hot liquid wax collects beneath the flickering flame. The flame occasionally reaches down to kiss the melted wax, doing it oh so quickly, it resembling teenagers who know their flirtations are forbidden.

The blackened wick is encased within a royal blue haze. The end of this haze indicates the end of the smoldering wick which in turn invites the beginning of a bright and flexible flame.

Dancing this way and that, the flame engulfs any witness in its beauty. The victim becomes mesmerized and struggles to pries their eyes from the magical sight.

Something so simple. Something so consuming. Something so magically beautiful.

The sight of a dancing flame.

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