The only proof she needed for the existence of God was the music

Posted on June 4th, 2013

Filled with uncertainty and anxiety she applies her make up. The liquid of the base is merely the foundation on which the rest of her mask will be painted. Her luscious curls are pinned out of her face in many swirls, plaits and twists. She puts so much time into covering her natural beauty with a mask of “beauty” that the world tells her to wear.

She slides the opaque stockings over her legs. There is a ladder in them. The ripped section exposing her body. Her once sacred and protected body has been ripped of its dignity as the world tells her to wear less and less. She is left with her brokenness exposed by nudity.

She slips her once delicate feet into the constricting and torturous pointe shoes. They have hardened her delicate dancing toes as the world has hardened her innocence.

As a broken woman she steps onto the stage. She is filled with the world’s judgement. The first few notes of the music engulf her as they begin. She gasps as she always does; the beauty of the melody taking her breath away.

Her hardened feet soften as she glides across the stage wearing the music notes on her feet. The harsh stage lights fade into insignificance allowing the harmonic tune to seclude her from all that hinders her beauty. The audience fades into oblivion as she is carried by the soothing voice of the piano.

She surrenders herself to the music. She allows herself to be the puppet while the music becomes her puppeteer. The masterful music evolves her dancing into that of heavenly resemblance.

The music reaches its crescendo, leading her away into a rhythm of fiery passion. She soars across the stage like a bird with no limits.

The thunderous applause snatches her away and draws her back into the realms of the unsatisfying world. Reality slaps her in the face like an icy cold wind.

She is left with the comforting and peaceful memory as the music notes disappear from her feet. She left to plod back into the harsh ad cruel world.

Something as sweet, exhilarating and graceful as that can surely not have come from a world ridden with so many lies and deceit? No, this was an experience that no words could begin to describe. A sense of holiness surrounded that surreal moment of losing herself in the music. I was divine.

The only proof she needed for the existence of God was the music.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing piece. Enjoy you’re trip. 🙂

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