The Atlantic Coastal Road, Cape Town

Posted on January 18th, 2017

In Cape Town we are absolutely spoiled with stunning coastlines, gorgeous sandy beaches and turquoise waters. I have lived in Cape Town for about 15 years and ever since I was a little girl you’d hear me squealing from the back seat for daddy to take the coastal road home. This beautiful stretch of winding road runs from Greenpoint all the way to Hout Bay; broken up by little suburbs, popular beaches and hidden coves. I used to love sticking my head out the window and listening to the roar of the waves, the mighty ocean declaring its authority, or at night craning my neck to see the glistening stars shining like diamonds on the waves.
I am now ‘all grown up’ and not much has changed. I’ll still take any excuse to take a slow drive along that road that really just screams home to me. So when I came back to Cape Town after 9 months of separation I took every opportunity I could to see that panoramic sea view.


I started out by just driving along the road then realised the only way I’d get to properly appreciate it were if I didn’t drive myself and so took the MyCiti bus 108 from Hout Bay all along to Seapoint. It was such a treat to sit in front of a wide window, photographing my favourite view.


Another time I went for a cycle along the winding tarmac with a good friend of mine. I’m not exactly the fittest person and so we just drove up Suikerbossie and cycled from there. It was magical to breathe in the fresh sea air and look out upon the expanses of blue. I used think one had to be a super cyclist to enjoy this but it really isn’t too challenging.


Another time I took the day just driving from one view point to the next stopping to explore all of the hidden bays and coves that we hurriedly drive past on a daily basis. Some of these included Cosy Bay, Koeel Bay and Barley Bay. Peaceful and secluded, unspoilt beaches.


This is a road I recommend to any first-time or hundredth-time visitor to Cape Town. Depending on your time frame and mode of transport you can chose your method. If you’ve hired a car then be you can take your time stopping at the hidden coves as well as more popular beaches such as Llandudno, Camps Bay and Clifton. If you’re just getting around on public transport then the MyCiti bus is an affordable and easy way to take in the gorgeous views. Just take the 108 and 109 bus between Seapoint and Hout Bay. There are also many stops along the way so your only limitation will be sticking to the bus schedule. (Note that to take any MyCiti bus in Cape Town you’ll need to purchase a bus card and load money onto it. You can do this at certain kiosks and supermarkets and it’ll cost you R60 for the card but the cost thereafter is very affordable.)


What’s your favourite slow Sunday drive in Cape Town? Be sure to share your ideas here and I can add it to my Cape Town bucket list!

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