Snow men, sledding and ski de fond

Posted on January 25th, 2016

IMG_2088Annemasse is a town nestled in between snow-topped mountains and so as the temperatures plummeted, it began to snow. Seeing snow fall for the first time was an experience beyond magical! I happily donned my snow boots and went out trudging through the powdery substance. It amazed me how I could see each beautiful snowflake, so perfectly defined, as they fell upon my eyelashes.


When it snows there isn’t really another option other than to build a snowman. You just have to do it. And so our bonhomme de neige, Olaf, was created. It was a joyful afternoon of playful snowball fights and Adrenalin-rushing sledding in the garden.


I attend a language school here in Annemasse  where I attend French classes twice a week. The classes are filled with budding au pairs and so it is a fantastic place to meet people your age who have the same problems and struggles as you:
“Ahhh, the kids are so naughty”
“How is your host family treating you?”
“I  miss my mom’s cooking!”
“I need to go for a run, they eat so much bread and cheese here!”

I had made a few friends but nothing solid yet so when I heard about the ski de fond (cross-country skiing) outing that the school was organising I jumped at the opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better. IMG_2169

We met up and seperated into everyone’s cars for the 45 minute drive to Les Moises, a ski de fond station. After finding the correct size boots, skis and batons we tentatively made our way onto the snow.


It was hard work as you are mostly walking and gliding on flat terrain with just a few downhills. But oh so much fun! I definitely had too many clothes on and soon the familiar feeling of flushed cheeks paid me a visit. It was such a wonderful time of chatting to everyone, hearing where people come from and their stories. There is something so special about two people who are from completely different parts of the globe, with stark contrasting cultures; connecting and conversing in a language that is not their own. We had a really international group of people with representatives from Germany, Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Japan, China and Ukraine.


It was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the skiing. I can’t wait to try out normal skiing soon!


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  1. What a wonderful report! So enjoy reading about your exciting adventures and seeing all the gorgeous photos. To say that I am jealous of all your snow experiences is putting it mildly!

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