Seafront walk: Muizenberg to Kalk Bay

Posted on February 25th, 2017

Looking for bit of exercise but not wanting to stray too far from the ocean? Why not make your next adventure a seaside walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay? I have done this twice in the past few months and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. The pathway hugging the coast begins just after Muizenberg beach in line with the train station. You can begin to walk along this gentle sea path, enjoying the fresh sea breeze and blue view as you make your way towards your first stop: St James.

I absolutely adore the brightly coloured wooden cabins along St James’ beach front. It also has a lovely tidal pool and beach. I often find it a bit too crowded though and so continue along towards Dalebrook tidal pool (just after St James you will reach another beach, halfway across the beach you’ll have to go under the railway subway and walk along the road for this last bit to Dalebrook). The tidal pool is lovely and calm and there aren’t too many people making it pleasant but not unsafely secluded.

After a refreshing post-walk swim you can make your way up to the main road again and walk into Kalk Bay town. This indie-hippie feeling town is filled with many hidden treasures from antique shops to quaint cafes and restaurants to the best, most affordable ice cream in Cape Town. That’s right you can get two scoops for R25. Absolutely unheard of! (you’ll pay R34 for one scoop at the Creamery!) And I promise you, they’re not compromising on quality. The ice cream is absolutely delicious and the variety of flavours is endless. From Turkish delight to pina colada to rooibos to cinnamon. It makes for a lovely treat after a day out and about.

You can either walk back along the same way you came or catch the train back to Muizenberg (another cultural experience all in itself!)

This outing is really inexpensive and is a wonderful way to spend a summer’s day in Cape Town!

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