Red Cappuccino

Posted on January 21st, 2015

As someone who enjoys spending time with people, chatting about how they really are and connecting on a deeper level, I find myself in a coffee shop situation on a regular basis. I have never really given coffee a chance, immediately turned off by the ‘evil’ caffeine. I would usually have a hot chocolate while my friend sipped at their flat white but now that I don’t eat sugar that is no longer an option. All panic was put at ease when I discovered the beautiful creation that is a red cappuccino. A caffeine-free, rooibos based cappuccino served with honey. NO SUGAR REQUIRED! Once I’d stumbled upon this delight I couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

During the holiday a good family friend of ours introduced me to his own homemade take on a red cappuccino. He made it using a percolator in the same way you would make coffee but instead of the coffee he used rooibos tea leaves. OH MY GOODNESS. The richness of that flavour is incredible. I have now bought some tea leaves of my own and make this hot drink on a regular basis. It really is a treat. You can add milk and honey to taste.

Where to buy the tea leaves? I bought mine from Dassiesfontein farm stall. It was on sale and so I bought tea to last me at least a year! It is a quaint, little farm stall on the N2 between Caledon and Botrivier. It has so many elements; a restaurant, home bakes, fresh farm products, and anything you would need to redecorate a vintage style house. The kind of place you could get lost in!


I’m sure you could find the tea a little closer to home, but I was out that side on holiday anyway. Give it a try though. I know I really enjoy it! 411

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