Pisa, Italy

Posted on May 3rd, 2016


The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The only time where someone’s failed architecture is celebrated and becomes a famous tourist attraction. When in Florence it’s almost mandatory to make a day trip to Pisa and take the cliché photo of you trying to hold up or push over the Leaning Tower. We were short on time and so the day trip was reduced to an afternoon trip before our train back to Rome.


The little town of Pisa was really pretty but very little and in my opinion didn’t need more than the afternoon that we had. It was the perfect amount of time to check out the Leaning Tower, enjoy a yummy pasta and walk around with a gelato admiring the cobbled streets and beautiful Arno River lined with characterful and colourful houses. IMG_5264

I thought that this would be my last proper day in Italy and so held that mentality the whole day, savoring all of the ‘lasts’. Little did I know that my adventure was hardly over. I could never have expected what was still in store for me for this trip.


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  1. TravelBench says:

    Amazing views! But still I’d prefer Florence 🙂

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