Posted on November 2nd, 2015

After months of begging my parents for a juicer we finally purchased one in August! It actually ended up working out so amazingly as I bought it from which allowed us to pay with Discovery Miles. My dad had accumulated a lot of these points and thus the juicer was basically free for us! The anticipation was immense as I couldn’t wait to begin my juicing journey. I was so impressed with takealot as the delivery was super quick and so in just a few days I got my juicer!

So why juice? It may just seem like a new fad and makes you think of non-working moms with yoga mats standing outside of health bars such as Orchard and Rootbar. While this may be true there is actually a lot more to juicing and the health benefits are amazing.

If you were to eat spinach in a meal you would probably only eat a few leaves and it would be cooked and so would have lost a lot of the nutrients. Juicing allows you to consume raw, fresh fruit and vegetables that still contain all of their nutrients and you are more likely to consume a whole lot more of those nutrients as it will take a LOT of spinach to get a decent amount of juice.

Some rules in juicing:

Try to focus on juicing vegetables and avoid juicing fruit. Fruit is full of sugar but when you eat it as a whole fruit you are also getting a lot of fibre etc. If you decide to juice your fruit, you remove all of the fibre and so you are left with basically pure sugar. Not such a good idea! What you will find though is that you may need just a little bit of fruit in your juice to make it palatable!

It is best to drink your juice straight after you have pressed it. This allows for more nutrients to be consumed.

Drink your juice on an empty stomach. This allows for the nutrients to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream and so you will benefit more.

Juicing uses a lot of fresh produce and so it can be quite expensive. What I have found to work best for me is to grow your own vegetables that you can juice. This way you will have an endless supply of fresh produce and so you won’t have to keep on buying stuff. To see what I grow in my garden check this out.


Here is the recipe for the juice that I drink pretty much every morning. It is a simple medicinal green juice that is packed with nutrients and helps kick start my day!

Juice together ginger, lemon, turmeric, celery, spinach, cucumber and apple. Measure at your own discretion. IMG_8675

Health properties

Spinach: full of iron, alkalizes the body and prevents cancer
Celery: lowers high cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure and acts as an anti inflammatory
Cucumber: has weight loss properties and promotes digestion
Apple:boosts immunity and detoxifies your liver
Lemon: aids in weight lose and the treatment of acne, detoxifies the liver
Turmeric:natural anti inflammatory and antibiotic
Ginger: anti inflammatory, boosts immunity, fights colds and fluIMG_8705

I’ll be posting many more juicing recipes soon but hopefully this will inspire you to begin a juicing journey!

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