CROATIA. Plitvicka Lakes.

Posted on June 28th, 2013

     We left the chilly hills of Slovenia and welcomed the 30 degrees of Croatia with open arms. We arrived at our accommodation in Rakovica which is a small town just outside of Plitvicka. A friendly Croatian mama, who spoke very little English, welcomed us into her home. We were given some cherry liquor and cherry juice made by their family. They also gave us a pot of home cultivated honey and a massive bowl of cherries from their trees. Such incredible hospitality and sweetness.

From our balcony we overlooked the rolling fields that were dotted with the rusty orange coloured roofs. Such a rustic beauty that made you truly feel like you were in the countryside. Walking through the fields we saw that they were littered with poppies and butterflies which all contributed to the picturesque nature of this area.

Eight kilometres of walking, two bus rides and a ferry trip later we were able to announce that we had seen one of the most beautiful places in the world; the Plitvicka Lakes. We paid 110Kn to get in and children paid half price. But honestly you are unable to put a price on the magnificent beauty that we were so incredibly privileged to experience. We walked along the rustic boardwalks, each turn in the path tempting us deeper and deeper into this seemingly magical world.

The waters had an almost luminous quality which highlighted the innocent fish that were the lucky few permitted to swim in these crystal clear waters. The water flowed over the rocky cliffs, cascading ever so gracefully into the turquoise pools that lay beneath. It was almost surreal in its unusual perfection.

After the ferry ride we stopped for lunch at the restaurant within the nature reserve. A half chicken cost 32Kn each and truly was a bargain for the price. It was deliciously succulent and filled us for the final section of our journey.

No part of these lakes were left untouched by the lens of my camera. What felt like a thousand photos later we arrived at our car. We felt that we truly had done the place justice with the six hours that we had spent marvelling at the lake’s beauty.

It is a true natural wonder of the world. The secluded walkways taking you into a world filled with mystery and wonder.

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