CROATIA. Paradise, aka Hvar Island

Posted on July 2nd, 2013

We took a thirty minute ferry ride to the island of Hvar which is just off the coast of Dubrovnik. Hvar is the third largest island of Croatia and so took us quite a prolonged period of time to drive from one end to the other. On the way we saw numerous lavender hot spots which is one of the islands most famous tourism souvenirs.

Our apartment was conveniently situated near the seaside and provided us with lots of space and a terrace with an ocean view. We wasted no time at all and so slipped into our costumes quickly before making our way towards the beach. We found a rock right at the waters edge and settled there. Near to us was a ‘Pink Bar’ which was pumping the music. The patrons there were not shy about letting whoever could hear them know that they were having a good time. We swam in the most ideal waters in amongst the rich and famous. This island has no shortage of glamour and is a favourite of the wealthy.

After drying off on the warm rocks we set off to see what the rest of the island had to offer. We licked away at ice creams as we walked along the promenade, looking at the potential restaurants for dinner.

We changed into some more appropriate clothing and walked to the town Square. It was buzzing with restaurants filled with tourists dining in the expectant summer air. We browsed the various restaurants before choosing one that suited each of our preferences. We ate pasta with seafood and seafood risotto. It was really delicious and definitely a highlight meal for me.
Eyeing the various shops located around the Square we looked at the clothing, bags, hats and other souvenirs. Nic bought a beautifully crafted wooden boat for 60Kn which is about R110.

The next day we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast on the terrace. We then went straight to the beach with the whole day ahead of us. We relaxed on the pebbled beach in the rejuvenating sunshine. This beach wasn’t ideal for swimming so we made our way back to where we had been the previous day. Diving into the near perfect waters, we splashed about in the ocean for ages. We were then refreshed and ready to go find a spot for lunch. We walked to the Square and found a pizza place where we put our groaning stomachs out of their misery with some delicious pizza.
After lunch we began browsing the market stalls and eyeing the potential items to purchase. I bought a nautical themed handbag and Mom some lavender bags.

We had our final swim in Hvar after this shopping episode. The cool water was so welcomed as it flowed over our slightly sunburnt skin. We walked back up to our apartment and enjoyed a night of Mom’s home cooked food for dinner.

Hvar was way better than expected and resembled that of almost a heavenly quality.

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  1. Amy Wood says:

    Hey liv,
    Sounds amazing! So jealous of u… Missing u and nic like crazy! Keep the posts coming, keen to share in ur adventure!

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