CROATIA. Dubrovnik.

Posted on June 30th, 2013

 We bid our farewell to the magical lakes of Plitvicka and made the long journey down south to the coast of Croatia. After six long hours we arrived at our accommodation, Villa New York which is in a small town called Mlini which is just outside of Dubrovnik. Our apartment overlooked the quant harbour and was just metres away from the Adriatic sea. 

We rushed to the beach and plunged into the heavenly waters after struggling to walk gracefully on the pebbled beach. We rejoiced at reaching the ocean but our fun was short lived as the dipping sun beckoned us inside.

We then set out to Dubrovnik with the intention of walking the walls that encased the Old City. Dubrovnik is named the ‘Jewel of the Adriatic’ and quite rightfully so with its terracotta roofs contrasting with the rich blue ocean in the background. It truly is stunning and the walls give you an elevated and panoramic view of both the Old City and the sea. The walk around the walls was beautiful and tireless but Nic and I didn’t deny an ice cream at the bottom. I ate my red orange flavoured gelato with relish.

We then walked around the Old City’s cobbled streets in search of a restaurant at which to dine. We found one that sat close to the harbour and so served some scrumptious seafood. We ate calamari, mussels and pizza. It wasn’t the cheapest of meals but you are paying for the location.

We went home satisfied and filled with excitement for the day that lay ahead of us.

Rising out of bed and slipping into my bikini, I made my way with sleepy eyes to the harbour across the road from our apartment. The chilling water woke me up and I was left refreshed for the day ahead.

We then found a small haven not far from our apartment and chose it as our relaxation point for the better part of the day. We lay on the pebbled beach and browned ourselves in the warm rays of the sun. This water was the best water to swim in. It was crystal clear and not too hot and thus still refreshed us. The turquoise depths allowed for long periods of splashing about in the flat ocean.

We ate lunch at a restaurant just off the beach and enjoyed the short relief from the sun. We ate grilled squid, burgers and a traditional meat dish of cevapcici. This was followed by a stroll along the promenade to the most sought after place in temperatures such as these: the ice cream shop. We had sugar cones filled with chocolate and cookie flavoured gelato.

We drove to the small beach orientated town of Cavtat and swam and sunned ourselves there in the late afternoon. It was blissful swimming in the cool turquoise waters which soothed our slightly sunburnt skin.

We had sundowners on the harbour wall when we got back to our neighbourhood and just enjoyed the peaceful view of the ocean and the boats. We were then forced to go inside and put on some warmer clothes as the sun disappeared. We sat out at our terrace, snacking on olives and chips. The ocean was still in full view and we managed to see the hustle and bustle of people as they made their comings and goings. There was much going on yet there was an undeniable sense of stillness filled to the brim with peace and contentment.

Dubrovnik did not disappoint and left us with a hunger for more.

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