Cecilia Waterfall Hike

Posted on July 22nd, 2020

Cecilia Forest is host to a number of beautiful paths weaving in between the leafy trees and trickling streams. While there are plenty of flat and wide contour paths for a leisurely afternoon stroll, the hike to Cecilia Waterfall is slightly more strenuous option if you’re wanting more than just a meander. The reward of the waterfall at the top is just amazing and you’ll find yourself standing in awe of its beauty. The waterfall is best straight after the rain making the hike to Cecilia Waterfall the perfect way to clear the cobwebs after a few rainy days stuck in doors.

Cecilia Waterfall Hike


Start Location: Cecilia Forest Parking lot opposite Hohenort Avenue along Rhodes Drive in Constantia.

Distance: 4.7km

Duration: +/- 2 hrs

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate. Path is easy to follow but can be slippery in places after the rain. A mostly gentle uphill which is attainable for people with any basic level of fitness.

Conservation fee: None

The Route:

As you walk past the parking lot gate and you walk onto the wide gravel path you will see a sign to your right indicating the path up Cecilia Ravine. Turn right here and follow the narrow path up. You’ll reach the first 4-way intersection, keep straight up the wooden stairs. After another short section you’ll reach another 4-way intersection. Turn right onto the jeep track. Follow this wide road for a few hundred metres before you reach a stream. Take the narrow path to the left of the stream and follow this up. From here you’re basically just heading straight up the mountain following the wooden stepped pathways.

You’ll reach two more intersections where each time you will go straight up the wooden stepped paths. Once at a wide cross roads and the second time at a cement braai area. The intersection at the cement braai area looks like this and you’ll follow the wooden path up.

From the cement braai area you are about 20-30 minutes from the Cecilia Waterfall. You’ll follow the stepped pathway across streams and past waterfalls. The scenery is beautiful with the path lined with mosses, ferns and shady trees.

As you’re nearing the 20-30 minute mark since the cement braai keep a look out for this staircase (pictured below). It is a much steeper staircase than the previous ones and there is a narrow path to the right of it. Take the narrow path on the right hand side. You will follow a short descent before arriving at the Cecilia Waterfall. You’ll know you have arrived at the right one because there is a fallen tree across the front of the waterfall.

The area around the waterfall is big and spacious with many rocks to find a perch to enjoy your flask of tea or snack. The waterfall is nestled in among hanging ferns and its water cascades over brilliant green mosses. With lots of different ledges the water rushes down in many rivulets making for a very pretty effect.

Take your time and soak up the beauty of the scene. We did this hike between 12-2pm which meant most people were at home having lunch rather than missioning in the mountains. This is a pretty popular hike for small kids so you’ll find lots of family groups during the morning rush. So if you’re keen to have the space mostly to yourselves and enjoy the tranquility of the scene then maybe think about going later in the day.

After you’ve enjoyed your rest in beautiful nature you can head back the way you came. The hike to Cecilia Waterfall is a short and relatively easy option with the most beautiful waterfall as your reward.

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