CAPE TOWN: A Local’s Guide

Posted on November 22nd, 2016

When I first got back from my crazy European adventure and exciting three months of non-stop travel fun (for those of you who are new here, PLEASE have a little look around and read all about my amazing experiences.)  I did not want to see another blog post! As much as I adore photography and writing, and the beautiful symphony of my blog as these two passions intertwine; I had just had enough of the constant pressure to update new posts and write about every detail of my trip.

It’s now been nearly two months since returning to Cape Town and I have just been itching to begin blogging again. Many people asked me what I was going to blog about now, and the question definitely lingered in my mind as I tried to figure out what my content would cover if I were to start blogging again. Maybe return to healthy lifestyle blogging? Or cool restaurants in Cape Town?  And then it hit my like a bus: A Local’s Guide to Cape Town.


I am absolutely spoilt to call the incredible city of Cape Town my home. It’s a city of breathtaking natural beauty from the rugged coastline to abundant mountain ranges. And at the same time probably has the most highly concentrated area of quirky cafes, hipster coffee shops and healthy restaurants.

Each time I met people overseas and we got to sharing about our countries and cultures I couldn’t help but puff up with pride like a proud mommy talking about their little darling as I told people from all over the world about South Africa. So I thought why not put all of that in one place? A blog that can be enjoyed by the local and the tourist. Enough practical tips to guide a foreigner on their first trip to South Africa and enough features on secret spots to teach even the locals a thing or two. Posts on the best beaches, hikes and the down low on Cape Town’s best back street cafes.

I’d love for this to become as interactive as possible so if you’re planning a trip to South Africa then please let me know what you want to know and if you are privileged enough to call this place your home then please do share some of your favorite Cape Town spots.

For now you can expect to hear about these things in the next few days:

Lion’s Head Full Moon Hike


Honest Chocolate


A walk through the colourful Bo-Kaap


Plant (a vegetarian restaurant in Town)


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