Camping in Tietiesbaai

Posted on September 4th, 2018

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the beach. There’s nothing quite like feeling the sand between your toes and looking out at the beautiful blue ocean. The gentle crashing of the waves brings me peace and quietens my soul, putting life and any major stresses into perspective. After a busy and stressful term at university I decided a weekend by the ocean was in order. Grabbing the opportunity that Freedom Day (in April) brought, I gathered together a group of friends and we snuck in a cheeky long weekend of camping at Tiestiesbaai.

Tietiesbaai is along the West Coast of South Africa about two and a half hours outside of Cape Town. To get to it you drive through the sleepy fishing village of Paternoster before entering the nature reserve. Travelling along a dirt road hugging the brilliant coast, you arrive at Tietiesbaai rest camp where you can pitch a tent on the beach. And that’s exactly what we did!

After a fun road trip of banger tunes and yummy snacks we arrived at the beach. We unpacked and set up camp a mere stone’s throw away from the shore. Settling in for the afternoon with good books in hand and half decent conversation we were happy campers!

As dusk set in, we layered up to beat the evening chill and grabbed our instruments. With Jesse tinkling melodious tunes on his guitar, Chelsea and Luke sang sweet harmonies while I tried my hand at playing the harmonica. Impressed with our impromptu band, our acoustic covers turned into campfire songs. It was a beautiful evening of delicious food, laughs between friends and star gazing.

We bundled up nice and warmly and sought refuge from the cold in our tent. It was a stormy night with pouring rain and harsh winds. But at the break of dawn all was calm as I peeked my head out of the snug tent. The view was breathtaking! Nothing can compare to waking up and looking out right at the ocean. I stepped out of bed onto the beach.

After a slow morning of brekkie and breathing in the salty air, we decided to take a little day trip into Paternoster. This quiant fishing village is a postcard from Greece. With its white houses adorned with blue shutters and bougainvillea, it honestly feels like you’re walking the streets of a little Greek Island. Our adventure consisted of lunch at the Blikkie Pizzeria and browsing the cute shops along the main road. From crafts to tea to jewellery and art there were all sorts of goodies on offer. It was a fun day out exploring one of South Africa’s unique dorpies.

We made it back in time for one of the most beautiful sunsets. The sun left behind a glorious golden glow before bursting to life with streaks of pink, purple, orange and red. Beauty unimagined!

And so our blissful weekend by the beach was drawn to a close. It was a wonderful escape from reality with zero cell phone signal and authentic connection between friends. It felt as though the fresh air had given us new life, making returning to our routines more manageable. Unfortunately it was very cold while we were there meaning that we couldn’t make the most of having fun in the ocean. But it was an amazing experience nonetheless and I would highly recommend a weekend camping trip to Tietiesbaai to anyone based in and around Cape Town.

The camping tarrifs can be found here. When splitting R200 a site (max 6 people) between a group of friends the cost is next to nothing! And on top of that it’s a little bit tricky to find someone to give your money to, so it could even be free! If you’re looking for an affordable, easy weekend holiday then look no further than camping at Tietiesbaai.


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