Beautiful Butternut

Posted on April 8th, 2015

And so the establishing of my vegetable garden has finally taken root! After nurturing my butternut seedlings for a few weeks I decided that it was time for them to be planted out. My helpful handyman (he also responds to dad) made the most amazing box. It’s the first of five boxes that will make up the veggie patch.


We made sure that our seedlings would have nothing but the finest soil and so layered the box with dry brown (dead leaves and sticks), wet green (moist grass cuttings), homemade compost, rich soil and then topped with potting soil. I then added some crushed egg shells to the mix as this will give the plants a good calcium boost. (This is a really simple and sustainable thing to do. Just collect egg shells, be sure to rinse them off with water. Once you have a lot just pop them in the blender and give them a whizz. It serves as a natural pesticide and will nourish your veggies with the calcium they need. The best part? It’s free!)

I then planted out my butternut seedlings and voila!



I’m sure I’ll have many delicious butternuts growing in my garden very soon!


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