Beach beauty

Posted on January 9th, 2013

I was born in Botswana and lived there for the first 5 years of my life. Even though it is not the place of my birth, my heart belongs to Cape Town, South Africa. It is a city that has so much to offer, but I really do relish in lying on the shores of the Cape peninsulas’ gorgeous beaches.

Camps bay portrays the image of a vibrant, tourist hot spot with its numerous classy restaurants and beach shops. I once saw a photograph in a magazine on a Khulula aeroplane of a beach filled with many multicoloured umbrellas and knew straight away that it was Camps Bay- beautiful.
Scarborough holds many family memories of playing rounders in the summer sun, memories of visiting friends holiday houses. Yet the memory which remains most prominent in my mind of Scarborough is the freezing cold water!
There are so many beaches along this southern coast from Boulders to Clifton to Hout Bay to Kalk bay to St. James to Muizenburg. But my ultimate must be Llandudno.
The sand of that beach holds the trigger to so many memories. I know that beach inside out and would be able to climb those rocks on the left hand side blindfolded yet still get to the ‘big rock’ in no time at all. I know the best spots for every time of the day. I know how many steps there are to get to the sand. It was the location of many first dates, a wedding, many sunset picnics and numerous summer swims.
Give me a day to spend at Llandudno, a good book and my sunglasses and you will be giving me pure bliss.
After a long day at the beach I have salty hair and sandy shoes and will look back and be able to say; yes, the ocean truly was my first love.

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