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Posted on October 18th, 2015

IMG_7561For the past year and a half I have cut out wheat and sugar from my diet. I have seen amazing results and it has transformed the way I see food drastically. Recently I purchased a book called ‘500 superfood dishes’ which as I have begun to read has slowly started changing the way I see things.

What I realised is that yes it is good to cut out wheat and sugar as these aren’t good for you and can contribute to weight gain, but what I have tended to do is allow myself to eat anything that didn’t contain these two things even if what I was eating wasn’t healthy for me. For example, deep-fried chips, crisps, white rice and white potatoes are all carbohydrates that are free from wheat but that doesn’t take away from the fact that these are highly processed and refined carbohydrates that are definitely not good for one.

On the other hand there are many highly nutritious grains such as barley, buckwheat, bulgar wheat and spelt which contain wheat and so I would avoid eating these things even though they have a much higher nutritional value than white rice and potatoes which I would allow myself to eat.

Basically what my mind set has changed to is to not focus on avoiding solely wheat but to focus on the many superfoods there are that will nourish my body and be the healthiest option for me. What I think this will look like is cutting out white rice and potatoes and rather eating more slow-releasing, low GI carbohydrates such as brown rice, barley, lentils, sweet potato, chickpeas and beans.I will still obviously be staying away from things like past, pizza and bread. I would also like to try to cut out as much dairy as possible as this can irritate one’s skin and aggravate acne.  I will still eat yoghurt though as the probiotic nature is very good for one.

I want to focus on eating as colorfully as possible. The more colourful something is, the more nutrients it contains. For example red foods are packed with phytochemicals like lycopene and anthocyanins, red foods help increase heart and circulatory health, improve memory, support urinary tract health, and decrease the risk of certain types of cancers.  Orange foods are high in antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids. Eating orange foods has been linked to skin and eye health, increased immunity, decreased risk of cancer, and a healthy heart. Yellow foods contain nutrients that promote good digestion and optimal brain function. High in alpha- and beta-carotenes, yellow foods have also been linked to increased immunity, a decreased risk of some cancers, and healthy eyes and skin.

I have already begun this new journey and am already feeling healthier! I will keep you updated with many new recipes and fresh points of view. What I will also try to do from now on is include a list of health properties at the end of each recipe to help show you what you’re eating and why it’s good for you.

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